Save up to 40%* on your next house purchase with Homewise if you’re 60 or over

Increase your buying potential if you're 60 or over

You could save up to 40%* on your next purchase with the "Home for Life" lifetime lease from our partners - Homewise.

  • Save up to 40% off a new home
  • Move to a preferred location
  • Manage debt
  • Take control of your retirement
How does it work?
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Gives you more buying power

The Home for Life plan expands your price range by up to 40%*.

How you use it is up to you.

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Move to your dream area

With greater buying power comes more control over where you move to. Move closer to family even if their area has risen in price.

Make more of your money

You can use money released by Home for Life to pay off other debts, ensure you have an inheritance to leave behind or help your family right now.

You can keep up to half of the property's future value so you can still offer an inheritance to family or loved ones.

Am I eligible?

  • You need to be aged 60 or over and looking to move home.
  • If you're a couple, you both need to be 60 or over.
  • Your chosen home should be of standard construction with enough years left on the lease (if leasehold) to cover your life. We grant you a lifetime lease on the new property.
What our customers say

Mr & Mrs H were living in Spain and were keen to get back over to the UK, they had a limited budget and were very concerned about what they could afford.

Their budget of £140,000 has enabled them to buy a bungalow worth £200,000 through us. They are now looking forward to enjoying their retirement in the UK.

- Mr & Mrs H

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